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Lizi Dawes


​Lizi launched her career dealing with prestige brands, giving her the drive and ambition to provide excellent experiences and a high level of customer service. This, combined with a passion for organisation and administration, led Lizi into the academic world of peer review management. 

She has now been working with academic journals since 2010, specialising in training for more intricate workflows, and upgrading and updating systems to ensure they work hard for all concerned.

Lizi has grown her wonderful team of highly proficient editorial assistants into a thriving business, working with a variety of clients and managing over 100 different titles using a variety of submission platforms.

Patricia Anderson


Patricia’s early career revolved around organisation and administration within the private sector. Through this she gathered the skills with which to start her own business, organising events and ensuring their smooth running. Opportunities then took her into the academic world, European research projects and finally into publishing. Through this, she entered the virtual world of editorial offices. 
Working independently, Patricia transitioned several journals from paper-based organisation onto computerised submission systems. She has a wealth of experience in editorial management, spanning over 20 years.

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Senior Managing Editors

Sarah Hands

Sarah Hands graduated from Oxford University with a Master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. She then undertook a PhD in Biophysics and Microbiology at The University of Nottingham. She subsequently completed five years of postdoctoral research at The University of Southampton.

Sarah is now PA EDitorial's Senior Manager, within this crucial role, she oversees and ensures the smooth running of over 100 journals using her extensive experience of managing journals herself.

Emma Smith

Emma gained a BA (Hons) in English from The University of Southampton in 2002. 
Now an experienced freelance copy editor, proofreader, and journal manager, Emma currently holds a senior managing editor role, overseeing a portfolio of 20 journals through performing regular quality checks and liaising with JEOs, editors, and publishers on a daily basis. Emma is experienced in working with ScholarOne and Editorial Manager systems and has managed the peer review process on large, busy journals. She also copy edits and proofreads for various clients and is PA EDitorial’s lead copy editor. In this role, she manages a team of copy editors, performing quality checks on edits, delegating tasks, troubleshooting and liaising with both clients and copy editors.

Claudia Welburn

Claudia has worked in Academic publishing for the past 12 years, managing several publications and using multiple submission sites including ScholarOne, Editorial Manager and several bespoke publishing platforms. 

With a background in customer service and NVQ Level 4 qualification in Management, Claudia enjoys the challenge of academic peer review.

Claudia has also contributed to the ISMTE committee for 5 years, stepping down in 2019.

In addition to her journal management projects, Claudia assists both Sarah and Emma with the quality management programme PA EDitorial have in place to ensure all journals are working efficiently.  

Andre Borges

Originally from Portugal, Andre graduated from the University Fernando Pessoa with a BA in Political Science and International Relations, before moving to Poland, where he now lives in the countryside. After a brief experience working in International Relations, Andre has decided to follow his passion for books and pursue a career in publishing.

Andre works on several journals and works alongside the rest of the senior management team assisting with the quality management programme, completing journal site reviews and supporting the team with questions and queries. 


The Team


Sadie Thrift

Sadie Thrift began her career working in Local Government. She later decided to change career paths and began working as a freelance Editorial Assistant, initially alongside her full-time Planning Assistant role. Since May 2013, she has worked as a full-time freelance Editorial Assistant, dealing with all aspects of the peer-review process.

Zoe Walker

Zoe Walker graduated from The University of Leeds. Possessing excellent interpersonal skills, she establishes and maintains strong customer relationships. In 2007, she decided to become a freelance Editorial Assistant. She now handles an additional two large journals for PA EDitorial Ltd.

Emma Fitzgerald

Emma graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Genetics, later acquiring a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Biosciences. She then moved into a career in research management and development within a Higher Education setting. Emma is now an experienced Research Officer and Journal Manager. She possesses eight years’ experience of managing and coordinating research projects, services and support. She manages the peer review process for several national and international academic journals using the ScholarOne system.

Lizzie Phillimore-Rudd

Lizzie graduated with a BA (Hons) in History from Cardiff University in 2003. She gained experience in a variety of customer service and administrative roles before becoming an Editorial Assistant in 2008. In 2011, she decided to develop her career further by working in a freelance capacity.
Over the last ten years, Lizzie has dealt with all aspects of the peer-review process. She has handled journals of various sizes and complexities, both through using ScholarOne and Editorial Manager.

Jovie Anne Kennette Francisco

Jovie graduated with a BS in Elementary Education from Palawan State University. She then worked as a Virtual Editorial Assistant for a large BPO company in the Philippines. Here, she gained experience in the peer-review process for academic journals using ScholarOne and Editorial Manager. She began her career as a freelance Editorial Assistant in 2018.

Samantha Ponton

Samantha graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from The University of Glasgow. She has over seven years experience of working within STEM publishing, including managing the day-to-day running of journals, the peer review process, as well as copy editing and proofreading research articles. 
In addition, she has experience in marketing, organising events, and website and social media account management.

Catriona Byres

Catriona graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences.  She began her career as a production editor for STM journals, progressing on to editorial roles in medical and veterinary books and journal publishing.  After 10 years in house, she began managing editorial offices for scholarly journals on a freelance basis. 
Catriona has expertise using various online peer review platforms, and many years of experience supporting editors, authors and reviewers through the peer review and publishing processes

Paula Potter

Paula graduated from Cardiff University with a BA (Hons) in Psychology and Sociology; she launched her career working on communication projects and then implemented the ISO9000 programme within a telecoms company.
In 2007 she began working as a freelance Editorial Assistant and has managed the peer review process on a variety of journals; specialising in maths journals after gaining comprehensive knowledge of TeX and LaTeX. In addition to journal management, Paula has experience carrying out additional journal roles such as maintaining society websites and membership databases. She in is proficient with ScholarOne but also works on the smaller Scholastica submission system.

Jac Keron

Jac graduated from The University of Dundee with a MA (Hons) in Environmental Science and Geography in 2011 and a MSc the following year in Environmental Remote Sensing with GIS.
After graduating, she joined a local publishing company where she managed the peer-review process of several Wiley journals for 6 years, as well as copy-editing and proofreading medical research reports.
Based in Scotland, she is now working as a freelancer in editorial services.

Delia Malim-Robinson

Delia graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in English and American Literature.  She has more than 30 years' experience in the publishing industry in the roles of copy-editor, proofreader and editorial office manager.  She has worked for clients including Blackwell Scientific Publications (now part of Wiley), Churchill Livingstone and Oxford University Press.  She is familiar with using ScholarOne and Cognos Reporting and prides herself on the excellent working  relationships she has built with academic editors and authors.

Josie Wyatt

Josie graduated from the University of St Andrews with a BSc (Hons) in Evolutionary Biology in 2015. After graduating she began her career in the publishing industry undertaking the following roles; Journal Manager; Peer review Management and Reviewer Selection, Proofreading and Copy-Editor.

Julie Pinborough

Julie worked within the academic and legal profession for over eleven years. Her roles included Director of Clinical Legal Education, Law Lecturer and Magistrate.  She is the recipient of several Attorney General Awards for her work providing pro bono assistance to the local community. Now a freelance copy-editor, proofreader and copywriter, Julie has expertise in educational materials, peer reviews, content management, and digital and social media content.

Lou Joseph

Lou graduated from the University of Makati in 2011 with a BA degree in Political Science. She gained experience in the peer review process when she worked as an Editorial Assistant for a BPO company in the Philippines where she managed several academic and clinical titles and handled multiple helpdesks for an international publishing company using ScholarOne and Editorial Manager. She joined PA EDitorial in February of 2019.

Sylvia Hales

Sylvia recently joined PA EDitorial, bringing with her 16 years of experience working within all areas of academic peer review.  She has previously worked for a few scientific journals on ScholarOne and on Editorial Manager.  She is enjoying the flexibility of work that her new role with PA Editorial offers. 
She lives in Kent and enjoys spending time with her daughter and family. When she is not busy running her online baby clothing business, she enjoys going to the gym.

Elly Welburn

Elly is currently at Southampton Solent University studying for a degree in Sports and Exercise Therapy. Elly also has a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science, as well as a Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage. She has previously worked for three years in academic peer review, working as an Editorial Assistant on multiple journal titles. She has experience in both Editorial Manager and AllenTrack. 
She plays netball regularly (at university level and friendly local leagues) and has a keen interest in horses and horse riding. Elly attends the gym on a regular basis and completed her first triathlon in 2019.

Jo Ferrier

Jo Ferrier is an experienced freelance Managing Editor based in St Andrews, Scotland. After graduating from Oxford University with a BA (Hons) in Biology in and gaining a PhD from Southampton University, Jo began working in academic publishing as a proofreader and copyeditor, before joining the virtual editorial office of Oxford University Press in 2008. She is currently managing editor for a range of academic journals and digital products, including the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, AoB PLANTS and Investment Claims, and is proficient in the use of Scholar One, Editorial Express, eJournalPress and spreadsheet-based submission systems. 

Jo prides herself on her attention to detail and enjoys developing good working relationships with editors, authors and reviewers, with the aim of making the route from submission to publication run as smoothly as possible. When not at her desk, she will be enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends, either gardening, cycling or playing tennis, weather permitting! 

Laura Grimoldi

Laura Grimoldi was born in Milan, Italy, and graduated in 1986 in Modern Foreign Languages at the University of Pavia. Since then she has built her professional experience in different environments including multinational Companies and other organizations (e.g. 3M Italy, MZ Congressi, etc.), in roles ranging from managing director assistant to editorial assistant. In 2016, she went freelance and worked in academic publishing as an editorial assistant for an International Journal, where she has become proficient in using ScholarOne Manuscripts. 

Although a city-dweller, Laura has always had a love for the countryside; therefore, she was happy to move with her husband to a village on the banks of the Po in 2013. There they enjoy long walks with their dog, gardening and spending time outdoors. 

Apart from work, she volunteers one day a week for the Catholic charity Caritas, and she is on the Board of a local environmental association. 

Shirley Letts

Shirley has over 15 years of experience in peer review administration, mainly using the ScholarOne submission system. She is currently managing five journals with varying subject matters; Medical, Law and Mathematics. In addition to her work with academic journals, she also implements clinical audits for a local hospital and has extensive experience in administration and organising events.

Steve Cavanaugh

Steve has worked in academic publishing since 1995. He has worked with many different journals including; Journal of Infectious Disease, Annals of Surgery, The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, Anaesthesiology and most recently Critical Reviews in Oncology/Haematology, managing the peer review process and working closely with all journal contributors. Steve has a wealth of experience with a variety of submission systems.  

Steve lives in the Boston area of the US with his wife of 35 years and enjoys ballroom, swing and line dancing, music and boating.  

Dianne King-McGavin

Dianne has been working in the scholarly publishing industry for over 20 years, most notably overseeing the peer review process for several scientific journals. She has worked extensively with various submission systems, and considers customer service and the satisfaction of editors, authors, and reviewers her number one priority. When not working, she spends time with her dogs, and dreams of travelling again.

Helen Johnson

Helen recently joined PA EDitorial with plenty of knowledge and know-how. She has worked in peer review management, managing several journals using paper-based systems, ScholarOne and Editorial Manager since 1991. In addition to her roles as Editorial Assistant, she has also worked as a Personal Assistant spanning 33 years, giving her excellent organisation and communication skills.   

Helen is based in Oxfordshire and is happily married with one teenage daughter.  She can either be found helping her daughter with her loaned pony or running her part-time online beauty group. 

Samantha Beckingham

Samantha Beckingham began her career working in an administrative role for a large retailer. After undertaking a multitude of other highly skilled and demanding administrative roles, in which she gained valuable expertise within different sectors, she took a change in career and moved into academic publishing, working as a freelance Editorial Assistant. Since joining PA EDitorial she has worked with both Editorial Manager and ScholarOne. She has worked on a range of journals across various subjects. Samantha is proficient in processing papers through the entire peer review process, from original submission, through to acceptance. Samantha enjoys building strong, courteous, respectful and professional working relationships with clients and colleagues. Her attention to detail is fastidious and Samantha works with efficiency and rigour.

In her home life she enjoys spending time with her young family and enjoying the outdoors. She also has a love for the gym and running, completing the London marathon in 2014.

Kami Bates

Kami Bates (she/her/hers) is originally from Olympia, WA. She studied English, Religion, and
Creative Writing at Pepperdine University and graduated summa cum laude in 2016. After college,
she worked as a Peer Review Specialist at SAGE Publishing. In this role, Kami configured and
launched ScholarOne sites, trained editors how to use these sites through live and web
demonstrations, provided managing editor services for an esteemed public health journal, and
advised internal and external staff on complex site configuration, cost considerations, and peer
review best practices. In 2019, she earned a Professional Editing Certification through the
University of California, Berkeley Extension Program, and since that time, she's provided freelance
writing and editing services for SAGE Publishing, Publishers Weekly, IndieReader, and independent
authors. Kami has lived in Tucson, AZ, since April 2020, where she studies speech-language
pathology at the University of Arizona and will graduate with her master’s degree in May 2022.
Kami enjoys spending time with her fiancée and their pandemic pets (a pit bull-husky mix and a
black cat), learning about the Enneagram, exploring the desert, and reading as much as she can.

Kirsty Vance

Kirsty initially became a PA and administrator whilst qualifying as a bookkeeper. She then took a role within payroll/ finance and thoroughly enjoyed it. In 2014, Kirsty took an opportunity to work as an Editorial Assistant and found passion in the peer review process. Kirsty has substantial experience with Editorial Manager and Scholar One. Over the years she has played an important role in larger journals and has also taken on responsibility for smaller journals, from pre submission through to accepted articles.

Outside of work Kirsty enjoys spending time with horses, owning a Shire and a Shetland! Kirsty also enjoys walks with her husband, daughters, labrador and cocker spaniel.

Jennifer Norman

Jennifer gained a BA in Linguistics with German Language from the University of Brighton in 2007. Since then she has worked in a variety of roles within the scientific publishing industry, first writing and updating B2B reports on various aspects of the medical industry on a freelance basis, before spending 6 years working for John Wiley & Sons, first as a Production Editor, and then as Assistant Editorial Manager for the major reference work, the Encyclopaedia of Life Sciences (eLS). Since 2013, Jennifer has worked part time as a freelance virtual editorial office administrator for a number of OUP journals, and currently manages five journals. For three of these she also works closely with contacts at the Federation of European Microbiological Sciences. Jennifer’s role includes liaising with authors, editors and contacts within OUP, monitoring the work of external editorial assistants, checking manuscripts and ensuring the timely processing of manuscripts through to acceptance.
Outside of work, Jennifer is mum to a 4 year old boy. She is also a keen runner and aspiring triathlete, a voracious reader, an occasional portrait painter and a craft enthusiast!

Jessica Ashdown-Hyde

Jessica has been working as an editorial assistant since 2013. She is highly experienced in the use of Editorial Manager and ScholarOne. She is knowledgeable in all stages of academic peer review. With strong attention to detail, she has been responsible for shepherding manuscripts through all stages of the process, from initial to revised to final submission. She has taken on a variety of tasks as an editorial assistant and is highly motivated and always eager to learn more. She is prompt and efficient, with excellent customer service and communication skills that she will bring to the administration of your journal.

When not working, Jessica loves to travel, devour books, spend time with her dogs, and try her hand at cooking. She is especially passionate about Italian and Arabic literature.